Friday, December 17, 2010

What's in the Can?

I finally broke down and opened up the tin! Inside was all sorts of goodies:

Socks, lotion, puzzles (I was partially right!), doodle pads, crayons, activity book. Plenty to keep me busy during the wait (which is now only 6 days!!!).

As for "symptoms," on Tuesday I woke up UBER crabby and went to bed at like 7pm, asleep by 7:01pm. So that's about it...could be a symptom, could just be I'm crabby and tired.

Yesterday was kind of a down day. Heard (another) pregnancy announcement and maybe it's just because I was surprised, tired of waiting, irritated or something but that one really hurt. Oh well, work all day tomorrow so that'll definitely keep my mind off things!!! Happy Friday everyone!


Aimee said...

I thought about the can recently and was going to ask you what's in it. Enjoy your goodies! :-)

Cecilia said...

I was uber cranky and sleepy with Crash. My hubs could just about have strangled me.
Have fun with your items!