Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Please don't push on my ovaries."

I started my day off with a special event at work. Who knew I'd have to protect my ovaries? One little girl kept running straight at me and trying to slam into me. I'd catch her before she'd run into my stomach. I looked at my co-worker who knows what's going on and said, "Geez...I hope she doesn't bust my ovaries!"

After the event, I headed to the office to get some things done and in order since I'll be off on Monday. Then I had to make a stop on the way home to get ready for tomorrow. Where? Here:
No, not the jazzercise place-remember no jostling the ovaries! I had to stop at the tattoo shop. See about 10 years ago (really? it was 10 years ago? Wow! I feel old), I like a naive 18 year old HAD to have my belly button pierced. I've never worn belly shirts and I was 21 before I bought a bikini so why? No idea but I just HAD to do it. When the lady called to tell me ER was on Sunday, she told me to take out my belly button ring. Um okay...thing is, I've never once changed it in the almost 10 years that I've had it. DH tried last night but I didn't want him pushing on my ovaries so I decided I would just stop by there.

The guy was super nice and I explained to him what was going on before I whipped it out. Gave him a heads up about the massive bruise and told him I'd had 47 shots in less than a month. As a body piercer, I think he was impressed. ;) As he started, I said, "Please don't push on my ovaries. We've paid a lot of money to get them this big." He laughed and said, good point. It was fairly easy and quick and didn't hurt at all...even after almost 10 years of it in there!

We then had a convo that went something like this:

Me: I know at this point, I should just take it out and let it be.

Him: Why? You're getting pregnant, not dying.

Good point. I'm just not ready to part with it yet, I don't know...maybe it makes me still feel young, it reminds me at one time in my life I was carefree and fun and not always thinking about if this drink has caffeine or not and how it will affect DH's sperm count. The guy was super nice and wished me well. This is what I left with:

Sorry about the button impression on my belly there. It's like a piece of waxy plastic and he made it longer so that if I did get prego it would grow with my belly. I never thought a stop to the tattoo shop would be on my list of things to-do before ER. Now I just need to shave my legs, pack my meds and get to bed early.

FYI-I feel super bloated which is uncomfortable but I am enjoying at the same time. I feel like its my eggs saying, hey-we're here! I came home from work and my errands and just wanted to lay down but I walked into a disaster! DH and his friend came over to what I thought was just putting in ceiling fans in all the rooms., they replace a bunch of outlets and at 1:30 they are working on the first ceiling fan. DH goes to work at 3, his friend is going to stick around to finish and so my house will be a total disaster before we go to ER. Sigh...not gonna worry about that right. I'm off to hopefully take a little siesta. When I write again, my eggs will be harvested!


Kim said...

I too had a belly buttone piercing I got when I turned 30 - mid life crisis I guess....I had to take it out (for the first time ever) for a full body bone scan I had done and since then the top kept unscrewing so when we decided to get pregnant, I took it out. I miss it, but my tummy is as cute as it used to be so kind of pointless now....

Good luck tomorrow!

Adam and Julia said...

Good luck tomorrow. I can't wait to hear how it goes. I took my belly ring out a while ago. Good thing. You stretch a bit when preggo, and I dont think it would be a good look with the twins

Angie said...

LOL your belly ring makes me remember a story of an old friend - she was about 7 months pregnant and not very big. She had her belly pierced and I was looking at it saying, wow, how does it stay in with your belly getting bigger. She said she hadn't had any issues with it and then leaned back. As soon as she leaned back, the belly ring came out and went flying across the room. It was hilarious.

I am so super excited for you two today. Praying and crossing everything I can cross for ya! xoxo