Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ET Done & Pics of Our Embryos!

Well, we did it. I have two little embryos inside me and I'm just hoping and wishing and praying that they like where they are! I've got a good story to tell you all but right now I need a nap so instead, I'll leave you with some pics of our embryos!

Here are the two we implanted! The one on the left is 7 cells and the one on the right is 8 cells.
This is the one on the right close up.

Dr. Coop was the one who did the ET, I'd never met her before today but I LOVE HER!!! Dr. K called to discuss which embryos to pull out of the lab on our way down there and she told us that Dr. Coop was "red hot!" Dr. Coop came in and showed up this paper before the ET, we looked at it and discussed and I had to pee so bad, she even told me she could see the eyes glassed over, full bladder look on my face (more on that later). When we were getting ready to go, I asked to see this again so I could snap a pic. The nurse looked at us confused, oh? She didn't let you keep it, DH chimed in, "Umm...I gave it back to her!" Good thing I asked!!!
We still have potentially three more embryos that we could possibly freeze but won't know anything until Monday. Okay, I'll be back after I nap and give myself my first progestrone shot on my own and I'll tell you all the dets PLUS more pics of my embryos!


Michelle said...

Beautiful!! Can't wait to hear the rest.

Kim said...

Just beautiful! What a high you must be on right now!!! Can't wait to hear the rest!

Angie said...

How cool is this?! Get some rest and keep those embryos warm and cozy!!!! Can't wait to hear the rest :) xoxo