Monday, December 27, 2010

Surprisingly Nice!

I went back to work today. Luckily, everyone is off because it's still technically a holiday. A little before 11am, my phone rings and I'm shocked when I answer and it's Dr. Val! Someone told her I had questions and I was like, ", I thought you were going to call me after your meeting on Tuesday." But while she was on the phone, we went ahead and discussed things. Not to my surprise, she didn't have any real answers as to why it didn't work, she kept saying, "It's just 50-50." I don't even know what that means.

We discussed FET. The only injectibles would be the progestrone shots but everything leading up to the FET would just be pills so that's a nice change. I called the lady in the finance department after we hung up and got the estimated total. It would only be about $2,500-$3,000 plus the cost of drugs. I was actually shocked by that because I was thinking it would be 5 grand. We're still going to wait and do it when discussed though because summer is an awful time for us. If we're looking to do it end of summer/early fall, then I'm supposed to call in May so I put that on the calendar.

OH! I also asked the finance lady about getting a receipt for our last payment. She told me it was sent already and asked if the address was right.'s my dad's house that I haven't lived at in 10 years!!! When I had originally called to make our initial appointment, they had me in the system under my maiden name so see-I KNEW they had me in there from previous times at the hospital.

Before we even did this cycle, DH and I had discussed me donating my eggs. If we could help another couple out and take away the pain and heartache by doing this then we wanted to. So while I had Dr. Val on the phone, I asked if I would possible be able to do this. I didn't know since I did IVF and it failed and all that jazz. She said medically that she didn't see a reason why I couldn't BUT (always a but, right?) I weigh too much. I'm not surprised, I knew this. The sucky thing is they want you to be height/weight proportion which means I would have to weigh 130-140. Even at my skinniest and healthiest, I weighed 160-170. So the chances of me being able to donate my eggs are slim to none unless someone I know personally needs them. I mean I understand, they want a healthy person to be an egg donor but hey now, big girl can produce eggs-I had 16!

She's still going to call me next week after their meeting (they aren't meeting this Tuesday) but basically just to tell me to move ahead with FET. Surprisingly, Dr. Val was REALLY nice! She didn't make me feel bad for asking questions or like it was my fault or DH's fault that it didn't work, she didn't even make me feel like a fatass when she told me that I weighed too much. I did ask her if there was anything I could do in the meantime or meds to take. She just said a multi-vitamin and be as healthy as possible which I plan to be starting January 1. I'm taking this week to pig out, indulge in some caffeine then half marathon training starts again on January 3.

I feel like the tears are slowly drying up except for last night when I watched "Guiliana and Bill." Through my tears, I told DH, "It makes me sad that she wants to give up after two cycles. You know they can afford to keep doing it." Seriously, if money wasn't an object, we'd try every month! So thank you, Dr. Val, for being surprisingly nice.


Christa said...

I'm glad you're cheering up a bit. Also it helps finding out something will cost less than you thought it would, right?

I've been thinking about you and I hope you're getting better; thank you so much for being such a fantastic supporter!It really means a lot, especially when you're in a tough spot right now.... thanks.

Kim said...

Well I think that's good news on all levels!

I think the fact that Giulliana wants to give up even with unlmitied resources speaks volumes as to how draining the process can be. Plus I think she gets freaked out medically. I still can't figure out why he had her do a fresh cycle when she had a few frozen embies from the first cycle. No wonder she's exhasuted.