Sunday, December 5, 2010

16 Follicles & 16 Eggs!!!

The ER was the morning and we got 16 eggs! Not all were super mature but I'll still pretty thrilled that they got ALL the follicles/eggs I had. Saaawweeeettt!! I'll start from the beginning for all the inquiring minds and for me to be able to look back and remember.

DH and I got there at 6:45, about 15 minutes before we were supposed to so we sat in the waiting room. Seriously, at 6am on Sunday morning, there is NOTHING on the radio!!! We got called back and I had to change into a gown-boo! I hate hospital gowns but DH did a great job tying it so my booty wasn't hanging out.

V came in and chatted with me getting me ready. She's the one that did our orientation and she's a chatty lady, which I liked...DH did NOT. He kept telling me when she'd leave, stop talking so much! She gave me some med to take and I was SO excited to get something to drink, even if it was only 2 sips of water. Then she started asking me if I was allergic to eggs or dairy, I said no then laughed, why do I get breakfast? V laughed with me and said good try. OH! V told me that since I was on the giant ovary roller coaster, I might experience constipation, check-got that!

I looked at my bracelet and saw that Dr. Man's name was it. I asked why...turns out he's on call starting on Tuesday so he'll probably do the ET! I was so excited and giddy!!! Then Dr. K came in and we discussed some things that needed to be reviewed and she informed me that Dr. Man had a death in the family so if we have a 3 day transfer (Wednesday), it probably won't be him but if we have a 5 day transfer (Friday) then it'll probably be him. Hmm...okay, I tried not to focus on that and just asked a few questions. I told Dr. K that I'd met some of her other patients through blogging and she thought that was really cool. She also read me all the risks of surgery, um...thanks, I told her let's just not plan on any of that and we'd be okay.

She left the room and V told me that the anesthesiologist, Dr. Mac, would be coming in to start my IV. I asked her, umm...will I be asleep before you guys start doing anything down there? She said yes and I was relieved. Dr. Mac came in and drew some blood for a study that they're doing. As he was doing this, I told V and him that I'd counted up all my shots and had down 47 shots/injections/blood draws since November 7. Dr. K heard part of it while in the hallway and came in to the room to hear what I'd said. She reminded me that if it worked, I'd have 8 more weeks of shots and I smiled and said I hope I keep the total going up.

Then he started the IV and said I'd be feeling very relaxed in about 30 seconds. V spoke up, "We were supposed to go to the bathroom." Oops! We hurried and I got there in time but I was definitely feeling relaxed as I stood up. Then we headed to the surgery room, I had to scoot my butt down to this bend in the thing, put my feet in the stir-ups then I don't remember anything...

This was the comp with my vitals, I thought I didn't have a heart rate but V told me they were just checking my pulse-whew!
I remember waking up the room and asking for DH. They said he'd be back to see me shortly. My eyes were still closed when they told me that they'd gotten 13 eggs, I smiled (eyes still shut) and said, "That's my birthday." Dr. K said that the number wasn't for sure final and about 5 minutes later, they said that they'd gotten 16 eggs and Dr. K laughed and told me that "I'd have to change my birthday!" I asked for DH again because he STILL wasn't back there and then he finally came in. We had to sit back there for a long time, just monitoring me, I had to go to the bathroom twice. I got some apple juice and some peanut butter crackers to snack on. Dr. K came in and said they got some okay sperm from DH.

I thanked her and she left then the nurse, not V, came in and talked to us about what goes on now. I never caught her name. She showed us how to do the progestrone shot and gave me a 1/2 cc in my hip. I took some Tylenol for the pain. I have to do 1 cc of progestrone every night, take low dose asipirin, my prenatal and for 5 days another med twice a day. I did have some spotting which they said is normal for a day or two, if any longer call back.

They'll call tomorrow to let us know what's going on with the embryos. Then they'll call again on Tuesday with a tentative 3 day transfer time for Wednesday. Then they'll call Wednesday to say yes come in or no don't.

Here's a pic of where I had my IV, looks like I broke my wrist! Also, my NKA bracelet (No Known Allergies).
I called our parents when we were headed home. My dad was glad I was okay, he'd been worried since I've only ever been put under one time 10 years ago for knee surgery. My mom had called us at 5am, we were still sleeping, so when I talked to her again after, she said she'd had a really positive feeling all morning. DH's mom was excited. I called my sis and six-year old neice later this afternoon. My neice, H, asked since I had 16 eggs if I would have 16 babies! Then as we were about hang up, she asked, "Hey...did you get one of those black and white pictures from the doctor?" I it took me a sec then I realized she was asking about an ultrasound pic. I told her no and she thought I should have pictures of my eggs. I told her if I got a pic, I'd show her and she told me to email it-lol, she probably knows more about the comp than I do!

I took it easy the rest of the day, been drinking LOTS of fluids and getting in lots of cuddles with the pups. DH has been a good nurse and even cleaned up the house. Now we cross our fingers and hope our little embryos start growing well! Thanks for all the support, prayers and thoughts during this time. You guys are the best!


Michelle said...

Great numbers! FX for great growing embies!

Kim said...

Awesome numbers, great day!!!! Prayers will keep going out- fertilize embies, fertilize!

COME ON BABY said...

Sounds like all went as great as great can be. Fingers are crossed for the little embies. GROW baby grow!!!!!! xoxox

Angie said...

Praying for the little embies!!!!!

Kevin and Katie said...

Congrats. I will miss seeing you on the 13th but I am glad that things are going well for you!