Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One Blood Draw Tells All

26 shots of Lupron
7 shots of Gonal
(plus the one extra I accidentally did)
4 shots of Menopur
1 shot of HCG
5 Blood Draws
1 IV
17 shots of progestrone
16 Eggs
5 Good Embryos
3 totsicles
2 babies transferred
Countless Tears
Numerous Worries
Too Many Fears
One Hope
One Goal
And one blood draw tomorrow will tell us how this journey begins...or ends.

Tomorrow's the big blood draw day! To say I'm scared is an understatement. Either result tomorrow will turn my world upside down (again, so am I right side up again?). I'm off work, DH is working 7am-11pm...its going to be a long day for both of us. My heart is already racing anticipating the phone call when I see their number flash on my phone.

I don't know when I'll blog again. I promise I'll update either way, just not sure when. To all those about to start their next cycle of hope, good luck and remember to celebrate the small successes and hopes along the way. To everyone who has prayed for us, thank you...words can't even begin to express how much we appreciate it (I'm about to cry as I type that). You've all been wonderful support and encouragement and made the journey that much more fun and enjoyable.

Happy Holidays to you all! May God bless each of you with a miracle in 2011 and a little understanding too. I heart you all!!!

PS-In case you were counting, that's 62 (if you count the accidental shot) times I've been "stuck" from November 7-December 21 and every time it's been worth it. I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.


kayee said...

Good luck! I am crossing my fingers for you!!! I know I'll be holding my breathe until you update again!!! :)

Kevin and Katie said...

Thinking of you sweetie!

from C to C said...

Lots of hugs, love and prayers being sent your way! We are thinking about you guys and praying that this is just the start of your wonderful journey.

Kim said...

Lots of hugs, love and prayers coming your way. I have a really good feeling for you....and i cannot wait to hear the great news! xoxoxoxoxox

COME ON BABY said...

Fingers crossed for the best news EVER!!!!!! Hang in there sweetie. Thanks for sharing your story. Love your internet lurking friend, Jen

Cecilia said...

The anticipation is killing me. Sending many good vibes and prayers. Hugs, girlie!

SLES75 said...

I hope the news you get is the bestest holiday present ever!!! Crossing my fingers and toes for you!

Christina said...

I'm praying for the very best for you and DH. Can't wait to hear your next update!

Angie said...

Good luck hon, sending you lots of hugs, prayers, good vibes and happy baby thoughts :) Can't wait to hear from you!! xoxo

Jessica White said...

Good luck tomorrow! Keep hope!

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow! I can't wait!!!

Kahla said...

Just saw you were testing tomorrow on Hoping for a Peanut's blog and wanted to come wish you lots of luck!

Shawna said...

Oh girlie. I am hoping and praying for your BFP tomorrow. I cant even imagine how you feel tonight. Prob not getting any sleep. Good luck tomorrow. Let me know ASAP either way. Love ya!!