Sunday, December 19, 2010

We Should Take Up Stock in TP

Yesterday, I had to work and DH headed to the farm (not before stopping by work to shoot me in the butt with progestrone...oh we're so romantic these days!). This post is going to get to be TMI-just warning you now. I get home and I'm not really crampy but I feel like something's down there, like wanting to come out. So of course, I start sucking down the water so I have to pee every 5 minutes and can check the far nothing.

The first week of the 2ww I was feeling really good and positive then this past week it suddenly hit me that I feel totally and 100% symptoms at all, discouraging. Then last night starts the weird feeling "down there." I checked my ovulation calendar and realized that today was day 28 of my cycle so could that feeling "down there" be my period wanting to come out but the progestrone isn't letting it?

I go to take a shower and see some whitish/clear discharge. Sigh. I yell at DH to come look and he does, he tells me it's just a sign of being pregnant...he knows. Did you know apparently my husband is an expert in being pregnant? Yeah, I didn't know that either. He tells me to look it up so I do. I found a forum and here's what one lady said, "Having no symptoms of pregnancy isn't a sign you're not pregnant. I just hate when I have the cramping and white discharge because I know it's over and my period is on the way." Wow-real encouraging.

I started dinner and once the soup was on to warm up, I went to the bathroom. When I came out, DH is standing there. He smiles and says, "Could you please stop wasting water by going to the bathroom every 5 minutes to check?" The weird thing though is when I wipe, there's nothing's really a little yellowish as though I'm dehydrated although my pee is clear. So sigh, I have no idea! The next three days are going to be the longest days of my life!

Anybody ever been pregnant and had white/clear discharge or is this just Flo coming?


COME ON BABY said...

I am going to agree with DH on this one honey :) xoxoxo

Cecilia said...

I'm thinking your hubs just may be right....... Don't tell him that though!! Hehehe.

Kim said...

Have you ever been on ?
You should go check it out- happy obsessing!

P.S> i think it's a great sign.

Angie said...

:) happy thoughts and prayers! xoxo Also agreeing with DH on this one!

Candace said...

I also think it's a good sign. You may just have to invest in some sweet pantyliners!!!

Amanda said...

Okay this is TMI but I have a whiteish discharge the entire time I am pregnant. Before time for Aunt Flo and all the way up to delivery with my first one and again with the pregnancy. Keep happy thoughts!

Kevin and Katie said...

I just checked this out for you, my obsessive friend. You should check it out but focus on the ones that will make you feel better. Especailly the ones that talk about having no symptoms. :)

Just try to relax. No amount of worry or stress can help at this point. Im thinking of you lots (it helps me not think about my wait if I think about yours :) )