Monday, December 13, 2010

A Slip

Down the stairs, I did it yesterday. I spent all day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday laying around taking it easy. My mom came up yesterday to pamper and help me around the house so I could still take it easy.

It snowed here yesterday and DH had to go push snow. DH called twice to tell us not to go out because the roads were bad. After being cooped up in the house for 4 days, I was getting restless but still taking it EXTREMELY easy. It was around noon and my mom was getting ready to cook something for dinner later that evening. She asked if we had hash browns and I said I'd go look downstairs. In the past 4 days, I've been up and down the stairs a MILLION times. I guess the millionth and one time was too much, I slipped, caught myself on the handrail and mainly just slid down a couple stairs on my butt. I didn't land on my stomach at all. My mom freaked out and I told her don't say anything. I got up and walked off fine, no hash browns.

When I came back upstairs, she told me to go lay down. I grabbed my phone, headed to the bedroom and laid down. I called DH and it didn't go through. My mom walked in trying to tell me, it was just a slip, it wasn't that bad but I could tell she was freaking out. She suggested I call the physician's outline. I ignored her and tried to call DH again, he answered but he was at work. I broke into tears, my mom came back in trying to talk to me and I told her, "I just want to talk to my husband!" DH was saying, "What? I can't hear? What?" I said never mind and hung up.

My little pupper (still 60 lbs) crawled into bed with me and I just held her, staring at the u/s pic and saying over and over, "Babies, please be okay...Babies, please be okay..." I rubbed my belly and told them it was okay and to just say and I was sorry, I prayed and just kept repeating over and over, please be okay.

I laid there for about 20 minutes then my mom came in trying to make me feel better. She did get me to laugh and I told her not to because I didn't want to use my stomach muscles at all. I went to the bathroom about every 10 minutes but everything seemed okay. I kept telling her I just wanted DH. I called him back and he could actually hear me and I wasn't crying this time. He told me he was sure I was fine because I'm a "tough 'ole broad." Thanks dear...I spent the rest of the afternoon on the main level and just laying around going to the bathroom and checking. I told him to hurry home because I just needed him to come and make everything better.

I did what I told myself I wouldn't do...I Googled then as I was, I decided why? Why freak myself out more? Why read sad stories? I'm so pissed at myself because I'd been so good for the whole time then the day before I go back to work and this. I REALLY hope the embryos are doing okay and this didn't mess with them. I didn't land on my stomach and I literally just slid down a couple stairs (my right butt is so flippin' sore).

At 4pm, I finally broke down and called the physician's hotline. It was another doctor I've never heard of (I don't think the main docs are ever actually on call for the hotline). She called me back and over convo went something like this:

Doc: Good news the embryos are fine but the question is are you ok?
Me: right butt (how awesome am I for saying butt to the doctor), I really think it just scared me more than anything.
Doc: Yes, I can imagine (she was very professional). The good thing about those embryos are they are very sturdy little varmints.
Me: Good, that makes me feel better so just continue everything as normal?
Doc: Yes, and I'll let Dr. Val know what happened. When do you see her again?
Me: December 22 for our pregnancy test.
Doc: Well, good luck, I'll hope for a good Christmas present for you.
Me: Thanks, I hope so too.
Doc: Word of advice? Don't do that when you're 9 months pregnant.

I did feel better after I talked to her. She reminded me of Dr. Val a bit. She told me to just do common sense stuff. About 5:30, I went to the bathroom and wiped. There was a brownish discharge so I yelled at DH to come in and take a look (seriously, I don't think either of us EVER expected to be doing the up-close-and-personal things we do for each other these days). He was calm and told me it was fine. I know it could be implantation bleeding and if I hadn't slipped today, I wouldn't have thought twice. So now I'm back to freaking out!

Sigh...this is going to be a long two weeks and I hopefully a long 9 months. Prayers please people that I don't fall any more, that my embryos are growing and that I don't go bananas in the next two weeks!


Angie said...

Oh honey! I hope your butt feels better :P lol I know you well so I can say that I'm sure everything is fine but am praying extra hard anyways xoxo

Shawna said...

OMG. I will say extra prayers for you. I hope your butt feels better!!!

COME ON BABY said...

HEAVENS WOMAN!!! I am glad you are ok. Just lay in your bed and dont move for the next 9 months :)