Saturday, November 26, 2011

World Series!!!

October 20, 2011
Last night, my dad took my sister, my neice and I to our first ever World Series (and the Cards won!!!). DH and I had decided we weren't going to tell people until after we got off our meds. Halloween is the last day for PIO and all meds except prenatals-thank goodness! This girl's butt hurts! We went to dinner on Monday and DH and I decided that what better time to tell my dad, the biggest baseball fan ever, than at the World Series.

So we get to the game and my family is all dilly dallying around getting to the seats. I'm getting nervous and just want to blurt it out so I can get it off my chest. We finally get to our seats and get situated then I looked at my dad and said, "You know what? You're taking BOTH your daughter and BOTH your grandchildren to their first World Series game." Him and my sister were like, huh? Then my dad whispers, "Are you pregnant?" and I nodded. My sister and neice freaked out hugging me and I looked over at my dad who was tearing up. It was such a cool experience. Then I found u/s pics on my camera and showed them and filled them in on some stuff.

Then my dad said, "It doesn't even matter if they win or not now," which for my dad to say is HUGE! The rest of the night he kept looking at me and saying, "That's cool...really cool" and my 7 year old neice kept telling me, "I'm soo excited!!!" She even told my dad, "You're here tonight with 1 boy and 4 girls," then she looked at me and said, "because I want your baby to be a girl!"
She kept telling me I needed to be more excited but I'm still afraid to talk about it plus my back was killing me last night. It's still so surreal to me! I guess it's time I start realizing this is really REAL!

Oh, I got home tonight and my sister had emailed me. She said, "H said the best part of the game was finding out she was getting a new cousin and spending time with Papa." FYI-H is my neice. How sweet is that?


Anonymous said...

Ack, this post totally made me cry. :)

Jos said...

What a special, unforgettable way to tell your Dad. :) Very cool.

Angie said...

awwwww what an awesome way to tell your dad! I cried a little!!!

Cherbear said...

I am literally crying. Loving your family right now!! Your dad rocks. :) So happy!

Emily @ablanket2keep said...

Just caught up on all your posts over the past few days. So sorry about baby b. I am so excited about baby awesome! What a wonderful way to tell your dad!

Megan said...

Aaaaah yes! Love this post. What a great memory and I am super jealous you got to be there! I got Cardinals socks for my IVF cycle and the proved their luck. :)