Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Graduated!!!

October 3, 2011
It's official! I graduated from the RE and in two weeks I have an appointment with an OB! Today's appointment went well. Baby A AKA Baby Awesome or My Compact 6 was measuring right along at 17mm and a heartbeat of 173. DH couldn't go with me today so she took lots of cool shots, I even got a 3D one! Like a dumb dumb, I was like, "Wow! I can't believe it already looks like a baby!" So now let me introduce to you Baby Awesome, our Compact 6 embryo (we don't know for sure but I have a feeling). Here is her head and arm buds:

Heartbeat...coolest sound in the world!
3D ultrasound and no, my baby does NOT have a horn! Trust me...I asked! That's part of the membrane and we couldn't get it out of the picture. You can even see the umbilical cord that's growing:
This is a side view and mainly to show the umbilical cord:
Unfortunately, Baby B no longer had a heartbeat and wasn't growing. We are sad about B but feel very blessed with what we have.

After u/s, I waited TWO HOURS for Dr. Val! I did get to see Dr. K and I showed her the pics, she said that was one good looking baby! Dr. Val came in and we chatted a bit. Today I am 8w1d prego and my due date is May 13, 2012 which means I'm going to be MEGA prego as a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding 4/28/12-I can't wait! I said my thanks and goodbye to Dr. Val. (FYI-I think she was having a REALLY rough day! Some lady was loudly complaining about her when I walked in then I heard Dr. Val say she got a call in the middle of the night and I'm pretty sure she cancelled her afternoon appointments. Hope you have a better day Dr. Val!). She gave me a sheet to fill out about the birth. Does she really think I'm going to be able to hold on to that for 32 more weeks? Okay, yes, probably but I think the key will be remembering to send it back in once the baby gets here!

On the way home, I called the OB's office that I wanted to go see. I asked if they were still taking new patients and she said yes that one of them was and that the other one, the one I wanted, was taking new patients but it was about 2-3...I'm not sure if she said weeks or months. I calmly said, "I called a few weeks ago and she was taking new patients. I've been told she's worked with IVF patients and that's why I want her." The lady put me on hold and I have an appointment with the doctor I wanted on 10/18-YAH!!!

I know I'm not going to have weekly check-ups any more and that I just need to relax and enjoy this for what it is but I can't help but be nervous and live appointment to appointment. So Baby Awesome, my little Compact 6 Baby, I am so happy and hope you grow and continue to be strong and healthy! We love you so much already!!!


Jos said...

SOOO happy to hear that all is well with Baby A! Great news. :)

Sarah said...

What beautiful pics. Congrats on the good OB too!

Angie said...

Wow those 3d pix are amazing! What a beautiful child, I know how loved it will be!

Angie said...

Love those pics!!!!! Glad to hear you got the OB you wanted :)

Jessica White said...

Congratulations! Glad you got the OB you wanted :-)

Bridget said...

So sorry to hear about baby B but I am so happy that Baby A is doing great!

Kelly said...

What a cute lil baby :)

Cherbear said...

I'm sorry about baby B but I think you expected it based on the 1st u/s and are taking it quite well. Baby A looks absolutely beautiful!

Unknown said...

So glad Baby Awesome is doing amazing! Those are really cool pictures you have :) The one thing I was told is to not laminate them (with heat) so it doesn't ruin the u/s pic. It's sad about Baby B but at least there was a Baby A to make up for it. It would have been even more devastating if you would have only implanted B, got a BFP then found out there were issues....Can't wait to see beautiful Baby Awesome Bump pics :)