Friday, November 4, 2011

Blah Blah Bedrest

August 27, 2011
You know how great and fantastic is sounds when you're told to take it easy for three days? Well, after about one day of bumming around, I'm ready to being doing something! I made it through the first night after transfer although I slept like CRAP. You never realize how much you tighten your ab muscles until you're trying not to plus I'm paranoid about laying on my stomach so yeah, I basically tossed and turned all night. The alarm went off at 6am for the PIO and other meds so we woke up for that and then headed back to sleep.

Luckily at 9:30am, I had a conference call for MIA. It was nice to chat with the girls and we're all really about the conference (that happened a few days ago). When we finally got off the phone a little before 11am, DH was STILL sleeping! I headed to the Man Cave (the only place in the house with a DVD player since my laptop crashed) and started my Twilight marathon. I had left my phone upstairs and the alarm going off for my noon estrace pill which was a good thing because DH FINALLY got up. He came downstairs and watched the end of the movie with me. But then he started complaining about how bored he was and this and that and TOTALLY started stressing me out. I went upstairs to work on the computer some in which he followed me upstairs and he insisted on playing the TV as loud as he could. I informed he that he was majorly stressing me so please go get out of the house!

After he left, I left to start New Moon. He came home towards the end of the movie and started dinner. Delicious hamburgers, tater tots and a dill pickle-yum! Then we got in a heated discussion about violating each other's privacy which I won't rehash but I did my best to lay back and let things roll although had it not been the day after transfer, the $*** would've hit the fan. Are you catching on to a theme here? That DH doesn't understand how he stresses me out??? He went out with his friend after dinner. I decided I'd had too much fun at the house and decided to venture out but not without a shower first because I was beginning to smell my own funk.

I showered, drove to the bank to deposit money, return some movies and then hit up Dairy Queen for a French Silk Blizzard-yum! Then the pups and I settled in for Eclipse. Can I just say that I've had enough bad acting for an entire years since I've watched all three Twilight movies in one day? I'm REALLY hoping they don't butcher "Hungry Games" with bad acting too.

Okay, so I'm sure you don't all really care about my lamo boring day. How am I feeling? Off and on, here and there crampy but nothing horrible. I'm trying not to inspect the TP every time I go to the potty although I do feel ewey and gooey (sorry-just being honest!). And every now and then, I do get extremely hot but that could just be from being under the blanket with a 100 lb black lab on your feet. My boobs feel HUGE and a bit sore but I'm sure that's PIO and my butt hurts where I've been getting the PIO shots. That's about it for now! Just trying to stay busy because when I'm not is when I get stressed and we don't want that. So babies, I hope you're happy and healthy in there and growing and hatching and doing your thing!


Kelly said...

bed rest is so hard! I remember being so excited to lay around and do nothing but once you are doing that it gets boring! Hope your DH learns to chill :)

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

I hope your rest period got a little less boring and a lot less stresful!! Cant wait to hear good news!

Cherbear said...

oh your DH is one of THOSE too?? Mine absolutely cannot sit STILL!! The only time I think he is still is when he's sleeping! He can drive me crazy too. So I feel ya! Can I just say this anticipation is really building now!!

Angie said...

I second what "Hoping" said!!! Love you!