Friday, November 25, 2011

10 Weeks!

October 17, 2011
Today was a good day! Between my last appointment with Dr. Val and today I was a hot mess. Between the spotting brown and vanishing pregnancy symptoms, I was freaking out. Today was my first appointment with my OB, who I had never met before. I got there and had to answer 5 million questions then get changed into a gown and then Dr. Mat came in. She shook my hand, we chatted and she said, let's see how everything is doing. YES! Guess what? No wandie!!! A regular 'ole belly u/s today! Baby Awesome was looking, well, awesome! Heartbeat 173, measuring at 3.28 cm and exactly 10 weeks and 1 day with the same estimated due date on 5/13/12. I'm really liking the 13th because that's exactly 2 months after my birthday! Pics of Awesome today:

It still amazes me that there's a BABY inside ME! After the u/s, I had to do the dreaded pap smear and you know what? It wasn't as bad as I remembered. Dr. Mat and I chatted for a LONG time, I'm pretty sure I backed her up for the whole morning. She hugged me twice and stepped on my toe once so I think we're good. She gave me a TON of reading then I went and got blood work and a paper saying to get a flu shot (which I've never done before). I don't go back for another 5 weeks BUT she said if I got worried, I could come in for a quick u/s...that my friends is what I like to hear!

I had acupuncture this afternoon and will now be going every other week. Since today was a good day, I decided to celebrate with some salted caramel ice cream-it was delish! We're going to wait until Halloween (the last day of my PIO, estrace and aspirin) before we start telling people. Whew, I feel SOOO much better and I love my new OB!


Angie said...

woooo hooooo so glad you like your OB!!!!!!

Cherbear said...

ahh...I love this! Love how things are going :)

Unknown said...

Love that things are going well. Its alwsys nice to have someone reassure you. Yes it is weird to remember the baby is growing inside you but it is the greatest feeling in the world. So many more experiences are yet to come and I'm so glad you get to experience them. All scary and fun and excitement at once times a hundred due to preggo hormones!! Lol! Can't wait to see more and hear more about baby awesome (and blessed with you for a mommy!!!)

Sara-Lynn said...

Woo hoo! So happy for you. Glad your mind can rest easy again.

Ashley said...

I'm soooo behind on blogging that I don't think I have stopped in to tell you congrats first off, CONGRATS!!!! I had some spotting around week 7 and had meltdown after meltdown about it (so scary) and everything turned out just fine. I will be praying for you and your sweet baby!!!