Friday, November 18, 2011

Just Waitin' for Beta #2

September 12, 2011
Not much to report, just been trying to take it easy and not freak out over every little thing. I've been super tired lately, primarily because of the season change and my sinuses. I've been a little crampy the past two days. I don't mind the feeling bad stuff, I'll gladly take it for what we're getting in return but with every little cramp or thicker discharge, I panic that something's wrong. I still find it hard to admit that I'm the P word, not sure I'll really believe it until we see those heartbeats and that's aways away.

OH! DH had to work this past weekend at 6am both days so I had to do my PIO shots by myself. I got smart instead of doing them in the leg, I stood up and used the full length mirror in our bedroom. Yes, our closet doors are mirrors and no, we did not put them in. It was MUCH better and hardly hurt at all!

Had acupuncture today, it was sweet because the doctor was really excited to see me. She told me that she'd told the other doctor that she saw me scheduled so she thought that was good news. I'm trying to figure out what I can and can't eat and man, that's tougher than you think! No deli meats, no canned foods, no to certain least ice cream is still on the list! :) I'm beginning to think about how we'll tell people but I try not to get too excited about it because as Dr. Val told me, we have a lot of steps to get through first. The next being my second beta on Wednesday. UGH! If I was a hot mess LAST Wednesday, I'm going to be even MORE of a hot mess this week. I just pray that my babies are safe and sound and growing and doubling like they're supposed to.


Kelly said...

When you've waited so long to become pregnant it is really hard to actually believe that it is happening. I finally realized it was happening when I felt her move. But I swear I didn't realize I was actually going to take home a baby until she was home for a week...totally weird! So happy for you and can't wait to hear about your next beta :)

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Congrats, wishing you a long and healthy 9 months!

Miss Mac said...

Congratulations! It sounds like you may have multiple blessings this Thanksgiving season:]

Baby Hopes said...

Very exciting! I've very much felt the same way... almost like I'm having to pinch myself over and over again to realize that this is truly happening. Can't wait for your second beta!!!

Jos said...

A couple thoughts on food restrictions...

(1) Deli meat is fine if you heat it up (just in case you didn't know that). After the first trimester, I've actually eaten it cold a couple of times if it's fresh cut deli meat that has been properly handled, refrigerated, etc.

(2) The VAST majority of cheeses sold in the US are made with pasteurized milk now. When I was first pregnant, I was sad I "couldn't" eat a lot of my fav cheeses, but then I was told by my doc to read the labels, and sure as shit, almost all of them are made with pasteurized milk in the US, so goat, brie, feta, etc. were all back on my plate. GREAT news for a cheese addict like me. :)

(3) Eggs & Red Meat - they say you have to have hard cooked egg yolks and medium well meat only. For us, we get both from our neighbors - we know the conditions the animals are raised in, and for the meat, the condition of the processing plant the grass fed, organic meat is processed in, so I felt comfortable eating my over-easy eggs in the morning with a medium-rare burger at night. personal preference of course, but when I knew where my food was coming from, I felt a lot more comfortable eating it the way I liked it without worry, and my midwife agreed with me.

Just some food for thought. ;)

SOOO happy for you!!