Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Feet Are Freezing

September 25, 2011
"We're" dog sitting my SIL's dog this weekend. I say "we" because conveniently DH is out of town for the weekend. This dog is a 120 lb rottweiler, super sweet but still a total puppy...that jumps. Keep in mind that we also have a 100 lb black lab and a 60 lb princess puppy (nice way to say mutt). It is kind of stressing me to have them all three here. They had me trapped in the bathroom the other day because when I opened the door, they were all three sitting there. I can't push them out of the way, I'm afraid they'll jump on me and at night, I'm afraid they'll pounce on my belly. Our black lab and the guest dog have been sleeping in the basement only to start barking at 2am. Seriously...

The last week, I'd started feeling nausea in the morning. Only a couple times was it so bad I thought I'd puke. Dr. Val said that was a sign of a healthy pregnancy. Then this weekend, I've only felt the feeling of wanting to vomit a couple times and no major nausea so I'm all freaked out.

With each appointment, I feel like it's a milestone but then I worry. It's hard to believe I'm the "p" word and I'm so scared it's all going to be taken away. Every spare second I have, I pray for the babies. DH has interrupted me a few times and I'll say, "I'm praying!" He's like, "you're ALWAYS praying!" But like my sister told me LONG ago, once you get pregnant you worry about your babies and it doesn't stop when they get here.

It feels weird because I've had co-workers and friends ask when we're going to do the FET. I say oh sometime this fall. They ask what we'll do if/when it works, I try to play it off. I try not to act like I have TOO much info but then I remember...most of these people have never done anything like this so they don't know the difference!

Remember during my fresh cycle, my slip down the stairs? Well, this time around I'm REFUSING to wear socks around the house. It's just fall and my feet are already freezing!!! I probably look silly walking around in sweatpants and a sweatshirt but then have bare feet. DH is getting upset with me because I keep taking my frozen feet and putting them under his legs!

My pee is super yellow and I know I'm not drinking enough water so now I'm chugging it. I do so good at drinking water when I'm working out regularly but when I'm not, I totally fall off the wagon. I could REALLY go for a Sprite or Ginger Ale these days but I'm trying to hold off. Instead, chocolate milk is my splurge drink of choice.

Okay, that's all my random thoughts for now!


Kelly said...

I realize this was a while back but just thought I'd give you this little tip anyway. I found it much easier to drink more water when I would drink it through a straw. When I did that I would easily drink the right amount of water each day...

Unknown said...

so happy for you, i also went to the same clinic as you for our 2 pregnancies, i'm 10 weeks right now with #2. by the way, did you know that real gingerale can help to calm your upset stomach :)