Monday, November 21, 2011

Hanging Out

September 30, 2011
Get to check in on the babies on Monday! Praying and hoping that A is doing fantastic and that B is catching up. I have a busy weekend heading to my hometown for a friend's wedding and lots of good cookin' by my momma so hopefully that'll make the next two days go by fast so I don't fret over the weekend. I have to go by myself on Monday because DH only has 3 sick days/year...just hoping I don't get bad news.

The past two days have been weird! I don't really feel crampy but I do feel like something's going on down there like stretching or something. The idea of my uterus stretching already (at 7 weeks) is crazy because the babies are only 1/8 of an inch long. I worried all the past 2 days what that meant and then today I feel 100% normal and now I'm freaking out I don't feel anything at all!

I tried on 2 dresses from my closet last night for the wedding. When DH got home, I told him I hated both. The one looks like a moo moo and the other makes me look pregnant. He laughed and said, "Well, you ARE pregnant!" I said, "I know but I don't want to look it yet!"

Sweet Bobbie sent me an email the other day (thank GOD I have her and my college roomie Jo to talk to or I'd be going crazy!) asking how it felt to be pregnant. In all honesty, it's weird. I totally don't picture myself as that. I read about these other women on FB that had a tough first trimester and here's me, liking the nausea (which hasn't been that bad) and stretching and just praying and hoping that there's still something going on inside me from appointment to appointment. DH said something that he was going to have his brother come to the house and work off some of the money he owes us because he's got a lot that needs to be done around the house before the babies get here. Again, so weird! I haven't even thought to that yet (might also be because I don't have a due date yet). It's like I'm living from appointment to appointment and wishing my life away between each. Infertility has robbed us of SO much but I never thought it would affect me like this!

So that's how I'm doing and I can't wait until Monday!


Angie said...

I totally understand how you feel, I think a lot of women do. Every day if all of a sudden my boobs don't hurt I freak and think i'm miscarrying. Or if I feel cramps, or if I don't feel nauseous. I think it's normal to worry so much. Later pregnancy is easier in a way because the baby moves all the time so you KNOW it's ok. in the beginning I only go to the OB once a month, and I beg to hear the heartbeat immediately so I know it's ok in there! Waiting a month to hear that is HARD.

Jos said...

Hahaha. You like the nausea b/c it's "not that bad" honey. Even as an IFer, if you get hit HARD with the nausea and progress to vomiting day in and day out, you will not like it. I promise. :) You will be happy to be pregnant - beyond grateful to be pregnant always, but you will quit being thankful for the nausea. :)

It's so odd to know you wrote these posts 6 weeks ago. I can't wait to catch up to real time and know how everything is going for you and babies!

Kim said...

Hoping your appointment went well and Baby B has caught up.....hopefully we will be realtime soon :)

Megan said...

Hurry up, realtime!! I hope we get there soon!