Saturday, November 19, 2011

Night Before U/S

September 21, 2011
Well, tomorrow we get to have an u/s. I'm excited for it (and no needles tomorrow either!) but based on my calculations (which I've done over and over and over), I think I'm only on week 5 it'll be too early to hear heartbeats but hopefully we'll find out how many are cooking in there. I'm not so excited about having to meet with Dr. Val tomorrow as I'm sure she's going to lecture us on our decision to discard DH's sperm. Luckily, DH will be with me so hopefully he can keep me from saying something I shouldn't.

I think I had my first wave of morning sickness today. The past couple weeks, my stomach has been upset and a little queasy but nothing unbearable or anything that would keep me from eating. This morning though, I was laying in bed and felt the full on I'm going to vomit feeling. I knew I didn't have anything to vomit though as it was 7am and I hadn't had breakfast yet. I tried to will it away and when it wouldn't, I sat on the floor and Emma gave me kisses. It eventually passed but ugh, that was no fun. However, I will gladly take it for what's in exchange.

I called about to ob's last week. Found one that I liked but, as most obs are, they only handle singleton and twins. If we've got trips cooking then we'd have to go to a high risk pregnancy doctor. So we'll find out tomorrow what's going on in that department.

I really want to be at a place where I feel okay to be "p," confident to say it and not constantly worry. Every free moment I have, I say a prayer for the babies that they're okay and strong and growing. I'm not sure I'll feel that way until I see and hear heartbeats which hopefully will be very soon!


Baby Hopes said...

I can't wait for your update! I'm so eager to see how many are snuggling in!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats girl! I'm so glad it worked and you got pregnant, you deserve it!

Angie said...

I never had morning sickness with Nick at all. All of a sudden a few weeks ago I felt like I was gonna hurl. All day long. I thought, uh oh what if this is m/s. I looked it up and found out it very frequently shows up around 6 weeks. And I was 6 weeks. Mystery solved! Hope it's behind you now, it's no fun at all. I felt gross all the time.