Thursday, October 20, 2011

Let's Talk About Sex

August 20, 2011
To my friends and family that may be reading this, this post is about sex. I'm warning you now so if you don't want to read about it then you should stop here. If you brave the waters and continue on, let's agree to not discuss this in person, k?

You IFers out there know that during treatment sex, ironically enough, is limited. DH has been driving me CRAZY the past couple weeks due to lack there of. Finally, when Mary called yesterday, I said, "I'm totally asking this on my husband's behalf...can we have sex this week before the transfer?" I could feel my cheeks turning bright red even though we were on the phone and not face to face. She was thinking it out loud and then finally I said, "Okay, what about this weekend? Can we at least have sex this weekend then nothing for...however long?" And FYI-it might be a LONG time. She agreed to sex this weekend (umm...that kind of sounded dirty but you know what I mean).

Mary and I finish up our convo and I call DH. "Great news! Lining looks good so we're on for transfer next Friday AND we can have sex this weekend!" I don't know what he was more excited about-lol!

Okay, I have to go get all my meds set out for tomorrow AM since we're shooting at 6am. I'll probably set the alarm a little before 6 so we can watch the PIO shot video again. Wish us luck! Update about meds tomorrow!


Kim said...

Ohhh Good Luck (weird saying this seeing how it already happened, lol!)

Jessica White said...

Any IF'er can understand that! It's been weeks for us...I just can't handle it.

Hope you guys had some "fun"!