Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Furbabies

August 16, 2011
Today I had to take the furbabies in for their annual check-up. It's a doozie walking a 100 lb lab and 60 lb mutt with stool samples (and collecting along the way!) the half mile to the vet's office. As we safely crossed the busy intersection, it hit me. Back in December when we were going through our fresh cycle, I knew that I'd be due end of July/early August. One of the things I thought about was that I knew the furbabies had their annual appointments every August. I've always been the more compassionate one when it comes to them so I didn't want to miss it. In my mind, I was already planning how DH would have to watch the baby (ies) while I took the furbabies. I didn't want to neglect them just because the babies had come along. Yet here I was walking across them to the vet myself, not worrying about who was watching the baby. Isn't it crazy weird the things you think of?


Jos said...

The crazy things that mark the passage of time. *sigh*

Hopefully next year you'll have 3 month old(s)!

Megan said...

Nope, not crazy at all. I've planned an entire Walt DIsney World vacation with my phantom baby.