Wednesday, October 26, 2011


August 24, 2011
It's the Wednesday before the scheduled ET and can I just say that I'm a hot mess??? Last night, a friend of mine told me to be careful about bikram yoga because it can cook your ovaries. Well, I've spent the last month doing it thinking I was getting myself ready in baby shape. I fretted the whole way home and couldn't wait to get on the Internet to research only to find...mixed opinions. Le sigh...

I have SO much stuff I need to do before the ET but I'm putting it off. Why? Because I'm paranoid that they're going to call and tell me bad news about my tots and thawing. I don't want to do all these errands and get stuff to prepare and then have it sit around and taunt me.

BUT as I learned in bikram yoga, that despite what I read I feel like it helped me relax, no one can take my peace away. I figure my tots made it to day 5 and looked awesome. Dr. Val called them beautiful embryos. And seriously, it's a part of me and I'm a fighter so therefore my babies are too!

I'm so grateful to be helping with Midwest Infertility Awareness and the conference. It has kept me busy and kept my mind off thinking about the ET. When I get pregnant, I'll deliver at 29 which is the age that my mom had me and my sister had my niece. My niece and the babes will be 8 years apart, like my sister and I. I'm in much better physical condition. DH and I are in a much better place together. I'm feeling REALLY good! Now all I have to do is make it to Friday morning to get those babies placed inside me where they belong and we'll all be good to go!


Jos said...

I honestly believe that there are SO many benefits to bikram that "cooking your ovaries" shouldn't be a concern. My doc said there wasn't proven research one way or the other (simply b/c it hasn't been done), but that it wasn't like a hot tub where your body can't sweat to equalize its temp. If you're concerned, bring a thermometer and take your temp just before class and just after - my guess is your internal body temp doesn't actually go over 100, and you (and your ovaries) are JUST FINE.

Cecilia said...

Great post. I love your attitude.:o)

Shilpa said...

I was so excited to find your blog because I am going in for ET tomorrow as well! Our doctor's recommendation was to transfer only one blast and that's what we've signed up for. After reading about the possible complications with multiple pregnancy, I guess I realized that all I want is to hold a healthy baby in my arms after all this.
How are you doing with the progesterone shots? My rear end is in so much pain, I can't even walk or sit without yelping in pain. ;)
Good luck to both of us for tomorrow.

COME ON BABY said...

THINKING OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo