Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Estradiol and Prenats

FET is not nearly as pokey as fresh IVF. So far, I'm just taking three teeny, tiny Estradiol pills a day at 6am, 12pm and 6pm to make me not ovulate. I have to admit it that it's a LOT harder to remember to take these pills three times a day vs shooting yourself once a night (well, many shots at one time/night). See how little they are?
Now let's look at the monstor prenatal pill I'm taking:

Sometimes, I'll take this pill at 6am and get to work about an hour later and even though I took it with water, I can STILL feel it caught in my throat so I spend a good 30 minutes just swallowing water to get it down. Then I spend the next hour in the bathroom peeing out all the water!