Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Build Up

August 18, 2011
Wow! I already have a doctor's appointment for this Friday for bloodwork and u/s to check my lining. That means hopefully one week from Friday it'll be transfer time and then the 2ww! I can't believe it's already that soon, I don't feel like we've done anything this time around.

A fresh cycle of IVF takes two full cycles, this time it only takes one. Fresh takes lots of shots on the dot EVERY night. This time I pop 3 pills a day and that's it. I told DH the other night that it's crazy because the build up isn't here this time around. He said he liked it because it's going to be like nothing then....BAM! You're pregnant. LOL! Let's hope he's right.

So cross your fingers for a good report on Friday, pray for our totsicles who are waiting for us, and hope that we remember how to give PIO shots! Guess we'll be spending the weekend watching videos on that.


COME ON BABY said...

Wow honey how exciting. My fingers are crossed. Xoxo