Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And We're Off!

FET #1 starting NOW! I woke up on Thursday, August 4 to Aunt Flo. I could tell the day before that my period was coming...bloated, crampy, crabby but my period wasn't supposed to start until the following Monday. When I logged it, I saw that this last cycle was only 24 days long which is the shortest period I've had in the past 2 years since I started logging.

I took my estrace at 6am, put the bottle of pills in my pocket and grabbed my paperwork. I called Mary, Dr. Val's nurse, and right around 10am, she called me back. When I mentioned the short cycle, she said to take a pregnancy test and if it was negative then go on as scheduled. I laughed and asked her if she was serious...she was and I had to do all this before noon when I was supposed to take the next pill.

I run summer day camp so while I may not have children of my own, every summer I'm "mom" to 150 kids and 22 college definitely keeps me on my toes. On this Thursday, it was the second to last day of camp and we were short staffed. I wasn't at my normal office and I was acting as "director" until the director could arrive. When I got off the phone with Mary, I called DH and told him everything basically summarizing, "I'm in my work polo and I have to find a pregnancy test and take it all before noon. So now I'm on a mission to find the cheapest and most inconspicuous place to buy a test and then take it." I promised him I'd call if it was positive so I'd probably just talk to him after work.

I found the Dollar Store, ran in, got the test, paid in quarters and then the lady just sat it on the counter. She finally realized what it was and asked, "Do you want a bag for that?" Umm...yes please! Okay, mission one accomplished. Next part, smuggle it into the bathroom...done! I get it to the bathroom, get the test out and crap-I need a cup! So I shove it back in my jacket and go find a cup and head BACK to the bathroom. Okay, now we're set!

Normally, no one EVER comes in this bathroom. Today? It was freakin' Grand Central Station and I had to wait 3 minutes for the results. As expected, it came back negative. Can you believe that in our 2 years of "officially" trying this is the first pregnancy test I've ever taken? Not even during IVF #1 did I take one and the only other one I took was when I had a super long cycle right before we "officially" started trying and then my period came like 2 minutes after I took the test. Yeah, trying for almost 2 years and only 2 pregnancies test and neither time did I *really* think I was pregnant. Anyways...

Since my period is almost 4 days earlier, it's pushed EVERYTHING up. So my scheduled ET is a week earlier than expected. It was supposed to be the Friday before Labor Day so perfect, I would just take that Friday off and have a nice long weekend to relax and let my tots find a place to get snug as a bug in a rug. I had switched shifts so that I wouldn't have to do any PIO in the leg, I'd be home every night for DH to stick it in the butt (oh that sounds dirty but it's not). I'd scheduled acupuncture during the 2ww but now it'll be after we already know the results. But you know what? I'm not going to stress or freak out. When I told DH, he was calm and said that we'd make it all work and we will. I'm staying calm because I feel like it's going to work this time and I'm doing everything OPPOSITE than last time i.e. freaking out and stressing over everything! Here's happy thoughts for this FET cycle...

Proof that the p-test only cost $1
What's this mean? "For in-vitro diagnostics use only"

My p-test get-up on the TP holder...never a dull moment! LOL

So here we go again...I'm excited!!! And overwhelmed and nervous and, well, you know all the feelings that come along with it!


Megan said...

I just wanted to wish you good luck! In vitro just means "in glass." :)

Jessica White said...

Good luck! I've wondered that myself, because those are the prego-tests I buy. Of course they probably think I'm crazy, because I buy 5 or 6 of them at a time.

Sarah said...

In vitro means not in a live specimen. More accurately it should be called ex vivo. But, in vitro fertilization just means that the fertilization takes place outside of the living organism and an in vitro pregnancy test is one you take in an external setting.

The warning is there to keep idiots from putting the test where it shouldn't go. To really prevent that, they should probably reword the instructions to use terminology anyone who did such a thing would understand.

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Angie said...

Good luck and positive vibes coming your way!!!!!