Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To My Dear Husband

October 11, 2011
To the man who puts up with me no matter my mood, my dreams, my attitude, my weight, my morning breath, and my fears.

To the man who can stick a needle in my butt without me realizing it, who can draw up menopur as though it's his every day job, and who stares so intently at the u/s screen as our embies are placed inside me.

To the man who drives me insane by his midnight snacking, the dirt he tracks into the house, and the way he can't say no to anyone.

To the man who has taught me to love purely, to shoot a gun, and to live life to its fullest.

To my dear husband, today I wish you the happiest of days as we celebrate our three years of marriage. It's crazy to think everything we've been through in those three years but I wouldn't wish to have anyone else but you by my side.

Let's never let go of our each other or hope, deal?


Kim said...

Awwwww, Happy Anniversary my friend. I hope as I type you are carrying the best possible gift of all. :)

SLES75 said...

Happy Anniversary!!! May you have many more years together filled with love and happiness!

Unknown said...

That's beautiful! Happy Anniversary!! Look at all the many years & journeys you have ahead of you as well!!

Shawna said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Jessica White said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoyed your day!

Sara-Lynn said...

Aw, beautiful post. Happy Anniversary!