Thursday, October 6, 2011

Identity Crisis & Drama

August 6, 2011
Yesterday was the last day of camp! Woohoo!!! DH and I always go to a nice, fun restaurant to celebrate at 6:30pm on the last day of camp. Camp ends at 6pm so that gives me 30 minutes to deal with any issues that come up. It was surprisingly a very, quiet day with no phone calls or drama which was weird not just for the last day of camp but ANY day of camp.

DH and I start to head to dinner and we're about halfway down the street from our house when I remember that I needed my meds to take at 6pm. We turn back around to get them and get back on our merry way. As soon as we get on the highway, his gearshift (he has a manual truck) breaks in HALF!?! Luckily, we were just getting on so we were able to get over very easily. This totally reminds me of the Burning Bush story in the Bible like I forgot my medicine to make sure when the gearshift broke we weren't in the middle of the highway to create an accident. Anyways, after this, the evening kind of went downhill...

Neither of us panicked and we were able to get off the highway and to the car place with no problems. His sister picked us up and took us home and we left again in my car. We got to the restaurant and I got wild and crazy ordering a Shirley Temple (love my caffeine-free, non-alcoholic cocktail!) and then for some reason that neither of us remember, we started fighting and then the rest of dinner was in silence.

We woke up Saturday morning and I took him to work, he was quite the Crabby Abby. I even offered to stop and get breakfast but he denied! Later in the afternoon, we received a mystery box of checks in the mail (silly me thought it was my bank and called all in a huff that I didn't order them and halfway through the convo I realized they were from DH's bank-oops!). I called him to ask about it and then we got to talking. Basically, he sees his other friends in their jobs and lives with more success and is upset about it. I won't go into too many details but it broke my heart. DH works SO hard at anything he does but it seems like he/we can't ever get ahead. The broken gearshift was apparently just the icing on the cake after a long week of other stuff.

As though the broken gearshift and the fighting with DH wasn't enough, I also had to call a camp parent on Saturday morning to deal with an issue. I knew Friday was way too quiet of a way to end camp for the year. Then on the way to dinner as I was taking my med, I told him this was just part of fulfilling his dream and he looked at me and said, "my dream." I didn't create too much of a fuss but I reminded him of all the things he said he wanted to do with his kids. Funny, he's "doing" all this for me (yet I'm the one sucking down the meds and getting shot in the stomach, butt and Lord knows where else!) but he has dreams of kids too. my husband is having an identity crisis, we have truck and camp drama and I just want no stress please!!!


Jos said...

Yikes - glad you both were okay!!

My husband pulled a similar comment about "doing this" for me... um, WTH?? Boys.

You're killing me with these posts!!

Angie said...

aw that post made me so sad. My hubs is the SAME way. He feels like he works his ass off and doesn't make half as much money or get half of the recognition that he deserves. He gets passed up for promotions and the people that get it don't have half as much eduation, experience, or good morals as him and it pisses him off and makes him upset. I can totally see how our men are sad about that, it's not fair at all.