Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oops! An Extra Injection

Yep, I gave myself an extra injection tonight-oops! DH's sister was coming over for dinner at 6:30 so a few minutes before, we went to get ready. I was in charge of the Lupron and Gonal and DH was in charge of the Menopur. First off, let me start by saying-I HATE AIR BUBBLES!!! For the life of me, I can not flick those little suckers out! So I asked DH to which he gladly did, then handed it back to me and I looked at him wide-eyed, "Babe! I can't use that!!!" It was all crooked and crazy looking.

I go back to the bathroom (I was working in the bathroom and he was working in the bedroom on the dresser), fill up 10 units of Lupron, have DH flick out the air bubbles...gently, then go shoot myself. Then I went ahead and stuck myself with the Gonal pen but it wasn't doing anything. UGH! I'd forgotten to pull out the tab so I stuck myself for no reason!?! Okay, start over and done just as DH says he's ready for the Menopur.

I walk out of the bathroom and stop in my tracks, "WTH!?! That's not the right needle!" DH points, that's what you laid out. He's right, it was what I laid out...22 gauge instead of 27!!! If you're not familiar with the difference, google it-a 22 is ginamourous!!! Okay, got the 27, he shoots me-it went MUCH better than last night. Thanks for the tip Kayee, we didn't bother with the Q cup tonight and DH said the needle worked much better.

In total, since 11/7, I've been stuck 35 times...3 blood draws, 31 injections and 1 injection just for they hey of it. I'm getting stuck again in the morning for another blood draw, hopefully my estradiol is still going up!!!


Kim said...

Holy Shots and blood draws batman!!!! I guess you do start to feel like a pin cushion after a while, hunh?! Good luck tomorrow!

Angie said...

Good luck tomorrow, I'll be praying and hoping for you. xoxo

Jessica White said...

Yikes! Just think every day is a bit closer! Good luck!

Aimee said...

Hope you get good results! :-)

Mary Beth said...

Thinking of you! Sending lot of good luck vibes to you! :)