Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All By Myself

Okay, now I have that song stuck in my head. Tonight was Day 4 for Lupron and I gave myself the shot!!! Surprisingly, I wasn't really nervous at all and I didn't really think about it. I was kind of busy right up until a few minutes before 6 so I didn't have time to sit and stew about OMG! I'm shooting myself tonight. I set everything up first then washed my hands then very surgerical-like I shut the door (with my foot) and began doing everything. It did hurt more than when DH does it and it bled for the first time tonight!?! I suck at this but, oh well, I did it myself. Tomorrow night DH works and I don't so I was going to give myself the shot again, now I'm thinking I might visit him at work to give me the shot plus I'm making a really yummy dinner so I'll take that to him and he'll be happy.

Now let's talk about the Lupron, shall we? I don't really feel that different. I am SUPER tired this week but I don't really think it's a side effect of the Lupron. All my mommy friends always discuss their child's sleep schedule so let's discuss mine, shall we? Typically, I'm in bed by 9:30...10 at the latest and up around 5:45am. I've stacked all my night shifts (2-10pm) in November but I'm using up a lot of personal and vacation days before the end of the year so my schedule is now all out of wack. I've been staying up until 11pm-midnight and getting up about 6-7am. Point being, I don't really feel like my wanting to sleep all the time has anything to do with the Lupron but more so with my crazy, messed-up sleep schedule. So other than being tired, which is not directly correlated to the Lupron, I don't feel anything at all. Is this normal? Should I be having something? I took my last birth control pill this morning so I should have a "bleed" sometime soon according to Dr. Val, not a period but a "bleed." Wow-whenever did I ever think I'd be blogging about that.

Last night I had dinner with some great friends of mine, the girls from college. I told them we were doing IVF. K, my roommate from college, was super excited and A, she was funny, you would have thought I told her I was a man, needless to say she was in shock. So I spent most of dinner giving them all a biology lesson, explaining acronyms, dropping words like sperm, egg, semen analysis, etc...I repeatedly told them over and over that I was by no means an expert so don't take what I was saying as gospel. They were all very supportive and wished us the best. Hopefully next time I see them I'll have a little bambino growing in my belly but let's just focus on getting to that point first. Whew!

So I shot myself today and I survived.


Melissa said...

Uck...Lupron. I had horrible hot flashes and night sweats from that stuff! At night the sheets would be soaked with sweat...seriously it was nasty. I hated the stuff. I don't think every one has the reaction I did to it so count yourself lucky :o) Good lucky with your cycle!!

Jessica White said...

That's great that your friends were so supportive. I definitely think that taking dinner to your husband is a good idea :-)