Monday, November 1, 2010

Fertility Socks

My newest blog friend Shawna sent me an email about this great little project called Fertility Socks. You can donate a pair of socks with a message and then woman going through infertility treatments can request a pair. The lady who originated this program said that her friends kept asking what they could do to help and really beside positive thoughts and prayers, there isn't a whole lot anyone else can do for us. She told her friends that they could give her fun socks to wear to her visits because who really wants to stare at plain boring white socks while you're feet are in stirrups (I'm guilty of this, I at least try to make sure they match and don't have holes in them). Plus the fun socks are a great conversation starter! I love this idea and how we can help each other out without even meeting. So please jump over to that website, request a pair if you're going through treatments and donate a pair too! I plan on sending in a pair, I just have to find a really fun pair to send!!!


Jessica White said...

Target has some funky knee high ones that are pretty cool looking. Kim at I'm a smart one did a sock exchange a few years was a great thing.