Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lupron Bleed

I haven't had it. Tomorrow's my visit with Dr. Val. I've been so busy and trying not to get too far into the IVF cycle that I didn't realize this. I partially blame the wording. When I last talked to Dr. Val's office, they said, or I heard, you may have a bleed. Okay to me, may means you may or you may not. I got the paperwork out last week and was reading through it. It said if you haven't had a period by this appointment (the one tomorrow) then call the office. Okay, well to me a lupron bleed and a period are different so I didn't think much about it. Then I start pulling my stuff out for tomorrow and I read through the notes I took at the orientation and it says, you will bleed on day 10 of lupron, if you haven't call the office. Okay, well, today is day 10, my appointment is tomorrow morning at 9:10am, I read this at 6pm tonight so it's a little late to call and they don't open until 8:30 which I'll already be on my way down there. UGH!!!

On top of all this no bleed, I was already feeling down and not great about this. Maybe the lupron is working because today has been one massive mood swing from tears to road rage to tears again, then again it could just be that I'm just stressed and tired. To top it off, DH frustrated me so I've started just giving myself the shots and after I gave the one today it was all red and it bled again. So I have no idea what to except tomorrow, they may just turn me away as soon as I get there, they might move forward. I'm going to bed now...I'm too exhausted to handle anything else today.


COME ON BABY said...

Awwww :( I am sorry making babies has to be soooooooo f-ing hard for some of us. I wish you the best of luck tomorrow. My fingers are crossed and crossed again!!!!!!!