Monday, November 8, 2010

Lupron Shot Day 1 Done!

I survived my first shot!!! WOOHOO!!! And I only read the directions twice...okay, I'd read them almost every day the week before but only twice on Sunday night. I actually gave up control and let DH do it. I read the directions to him while he did everything. We double checked that we had 20 units then I cleaned my belly with the alcohol swab then he injected then cleaned it again. Seriously, I think DH should be a nurse. It didn't even hurt! Not even a little pinch! Here was everything we needed: needle, Lupron, alcohol swabs, directions and a sharps container! I'm going to try to take some better pictures along the journey, so be prepared because who knows what I'll take. I'm saving all these pictures and plan on printing them out for a photo album. I want to remember every part of this.
I feel much better now that the first one is done! The only minor mishap is that DH didn't flip the bottle back over before pulling the needle out so we lost a little drop of Lupron but other than that it went great! Afterwards, DH kept telling me he was so proud of me. He told me like five times and DH NEVER repeats things so that made me feel really good. Only three more days of BC and 9 more days of Lupron until my visit with Dr. Val and then on to the next stage!!!


Adam and Julia said...

How exciting! I remember my first shot of Lupron. I forgot to turn the bottle back over too. You are on your way to your baby. It only gets more fun from here. Congrats on beginning your cycle!!

Mary Beth said...

Exciting! My husband does a better job than I do...and I'm a nurse...LOL. No pain and no bruising! Wishing you lots of luck this cycle!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Good luck!!

Aimee said...

Exciting! Glad to hear the shots are going ok so far! :-)