Monday, November 29, 2010

Menopur-You Suck!

Tonight's menopur shot sucked! I worked late so as soon as I got home it was about shot time. DH wasn't home yet so I gave myself the lupron and the gonal and hopped in the shower hoping he'd be home by the time I got out. He wasn't. Okay, I got the laptop and menopur video pulled up. So far the gonal pen and the lupron all came paired together with their needles. The menopur didn't. The video didn't say what gauge needle to use. I pulled out the directions and read through it, ok 25-27. I search through my box of needles and pull them all out. One bag of 27-sweet! Wait-they aren't attached to a syringe. Hmm...I call DH to ask when he'll be home because I need his help, he says 10 minutes. Okay but now we're cutting it close on time. I am about to panic when I realize-duh, call the pharmacy! He tells me to just switch out the needles on the syringe, throw the one that was it away and he let me know that I could order needles/syringes at any time-they're free! WOOHOO! One thing is free!!!

The menopur and sodium chloride...this one sucks! Let me tell you why...
Okay so for you people out there who aren't familiar with that, which I know I have more readers out there that aren't since I "came clean" on my regular blog, you have to mix menopur and it sucked or maybe just our syringe did, I don't know. I'm just glad DH got home in time to help, although I was VERY crabby with him. So you have to put this Q-cup on the end of the syringe and draw up the sodium chloride. This is the part that sucked because unlike the syringes for the lupron, it was bouncy-does that make sense? Like the other syringes, you pull it to 20 and it stays there. With this one, it wouldn't stay still! Then the Q-cup was super hard to get off and DH actually unscrewed it and I might have yelled at him for that.

So then you take that and put it in the bottle with Menopur, mix it and then pull it back in the syringe with no air bubbles but again, it was bouncing all over the place! We finally *kind of* figured it out then he went to give me the shot and ugh...I don't know that we got the full 75 units! Plus I only have 3 more bottles so I hope I'm not on this long!!! So Menopur, you totally suck! Oh well, moving on, I have a feeling we'll be adding shot #4 sometime this week!


kayee said...

When I mixed the Menopur, I would pull the sodium chloride out with the syringe with the 22g it came with. Then put it in the Menopur, mix (swirl) and pull up with the same needle. Once you have your dose, switch out the needle to the 27g and inject. I didn't use the Qtip - it was too confusing and seems like it's a pain. Hopefully you can use this method. And also when you pull all the med out of the Menopur, turn the vial on it's side and put the 22g all the way in the bottom/corner and pull it out rather than dumping it upside down and trying to pull it all out. Hope this helps.

Conceptionally Challenged said...

Ugh, I'm sorry, this sounds thoroughly unpleasant. Maybe kayee's advice helps!

Kevin and Katie said...

if I ever decide to do IVF, can you just do all my shots. I think this is too complicated for me.