Friday, November 26, 2010

Conversations with Family

Today is Friday which means we're moving forward with IVF!!! DH and I both took our Zithromax this morning and we add on a second shot tonight. I'll post about that later. First off, let me share some conversations with our families from Thanksgiving.

MIL: Would DH wear this? (It's a green John Deere visor)
Me: I don't think so, I've never seen him wear a visor.
MIL: Would you?
Me: Yeah, I wear visors.
MIL: You should wear just the visor and see what DH does.

After dinner at DH's family, we headed to my mom's house. After turkey dinner #2, we were all in the basement watching tv and my step sis and mom were quilting. On the commercial breaks, I'd mute the tv and make everyone say one thing they were thankful for. During one break, I asked my stepsis if she'd gotten pregnant with both her daughters but IUI. She told me only the oldest and she had a theory about how she got pregnant with her second daughter. Our convo:

Me: Oh, what's the theory?
Stepsis: Is my dad asleep? (My mom checks, he was, or so we thought) Positions, with E (second daughter) we tried it with him behind me.

Room breaks into hysterical laughter as she continues on to tell us why she thought that position worked. My stepdad starts to smile as he was "asleep" then joined the laughter. She finished the convo with, "Maybe you and DH should try that."

So apparently once you tell your families that you're trying to have a baby, they feel all barriers are gone and talk about sex in any way or manner is okay. FYI-it's totally NOT! But I did get some good laughs out of both these conversations.

Happy Friday all!


Cecilia said...

Lol. I would DIE! I'd be the brightest color of red. Definitely have you guys in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

LOL, that's funny!