Friday, November 19, 2010

Great Friends!

My friend Flo is being a total bitch but that's okay because I've got some great friends. Since my breakdown on Wednesday, my friends have done everything they can to try to get me to snap out of it.

*My friend K sent me a really sweet email listing everything good I've got going for me. My favorite, and the funniest, "You know how to operate a gun." LOL! That's right little deer, stay outta my way!

*My friend A read my blog, knew I was off work and upset so she called and invited me to hang out Thursday afternoon. Even though I didn't take her up on the offer because I was trying to preoccupy myself and make headway on Christmas list, I still really appreciate that she thought of me.

*My friend J sent me some "texts" and called to check in on me. Hopefully, DH and I will be able to spend some time with her and her hubs when we're in town next weekend for Thanksgiving.

*My friend S invited me to tag along with her and her other friend for dinner tonight since DH is headed out of town again to go deer hunting. She even helped me with my shot! We had to do it in the Applebee's bathroom so she just held everything for me as I prepared and shot myself. She told me she was intrigued by everything going on and when I was finished, she commented, "Wow! That's like the bravest thing ever!"

This morning, I woke up and put on my fertility earrings from Adele, my best pair of panties and tried not to think about Flo all didn't work, thought about Flo and she still didn't come. I've got a fun Saturday planned with my friends including a 5k Walk for St. Jude and a girls get-together/purse party tomorrow evening. I'm just going to try to focus on the fun times and the great friends I have. So Flo, even though you've got something against me, I'll still got some awesome friends who are by my side no matter what!


Angie said...

That's right girl, you have some awesome friends and we are here for you no matter what!!! I wish I knew how to operate a gun!

COME ON BABY said...

Your friend it totally right, YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BRAVE. I couldn't agree more!!!!!!

Kim said...

You do have some great friends, glad they were able to distract you and offer up some love & support. Before you know it, AF will show her face.....thinking positive thoughts and sending some more good vibes your way. xoxoxox

kayee said...

Glad you have some great friends to bring you up. AF is going to come soon! I know it!

Jessica White said...

That's wonderful that you do have such great friends. They are essential in life!