Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ironic...Don't You Think?

Today's the big shot day!!! We started our day off at church and came home to do some daily chores. I got to organizing and cleaning out the pantry, it felt a little "nesting" like to me. Then DH fell asleep while we were watching tv and I decided to lay down with him. However, I couldn't really fall asleep because I just kept thinking about the shot!!! I hate wishing the day away but I wish it was time already!?! I just want to do it and have it done, know what it's like and let the stress of it just go away. I was thinking to myself that I wanted to take pictures and document the shots, not EVERY night but each part. While I was thinking about that, I realized I needed to document the birth control!!! it is:
I really find it very ironic that I must go on BC before trying to have a baby. I mean, me and BC were BFFs from age 19-25. I must admit that I did/do miss the acne-free face I had while on it but a baby is so worth the acne not to mention, I was over putting extra hormones in my body and spending the money each month. When the nurse said, we'll start you on BC, I think I had a shocked look on my face like WTH? Am I really at the RE office or did I turn in Planned Parenthood? She went on to explain to me that they've had better success with patients who were on BC first. Still, very ironic to me and anyone I explain it to I start off with, "Funny...I'm on BC..."

Know what else I think is ironic? Maybe this is TMI but it's an IF blog, I think TMI is okay. When I started my period the month before our wedding, I looked at DH and said, "Congratulations on making it through life without having a baby before marriage!" I'm really eating those words now, aren't I?

Okay, one more hour to wait then I'm going to take a shower so I'm all fresh and clean. Then I'll start reading the instructions 500 times then at 6pm on the's date time with me, the needle and Lupron!


Kim said...

So very ironic! I think they also use BP to control your start date, especially RE offices who do cycles in "bathces" with other couples, or so I have heard.

Good luck with your shot!

COME ON BABY said...

Good luck :)