Monday, November 29, 2010

Bring on the Men!

Went for blood work this morning...they opened at 7:30am, I left the house at 6:15am, I got there at 6:50am, they took a 30 second blood draw then I got in the car and drove 45 minutes to work. Yeah, that kind of sucked but you gotta do what you gotta do.

They called this afternoon and my estradiol level is going up, it's at 180 so I was happy about that. I am adding on the Menopur tonight, so three shots tonight and tomorrow night then another blood draw Wednesday morning. I'm going to try to put in extra hours each day this week so I don't have to take any time although I have a TON of it but that's why I have a ton of it because I always try to make my time up instead of using it.

Anyways, on the shot menu tonight:

10 units of Lupron
75 units of Menopur (a little nervous about having to mix and concoct and all that, Freedom Fertility video, here I come!)
150 units of Gonal

Slowly but surely we're making progress!


Cecilia said...

So glad you had some positive news. That's got to be a huge relief!