Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Man Vs. Woman

So after we leave Dr. Val's office, we get in the car.

DH says, "Well that went better than expected!"

I look at him, big rings under my eyes, my security tissues still in hand, "What? We can't afford that!"

DH: "Well, it's 10 grand less than we thought it would be!" He's smiling proudly like $10,000-$15,000 ain't no thang. Have I mentioned I'm the finance one in our relationship?

Me: "Are you crazy??? We still can't afford that even if we deplete our savings!"

DH: "We'd make it work."

After discussing the cost issue, I start to tell him my concerns with IVF. I think hubs was ready to commit right there in Dr. Val's office. As she was leaving he asked, so do we need to set up her MRI. I looked at him and told him I wanted to get home to discuss it first. Geez-jumping the gun! He really felt encouraged by our visit with Dr. Val while I was devastated.

Wow-isn't it amazing how differently men and women think?


Kim said...

My hubs was ready to sign up after our first IVF consult too! I was like wow. And he manages the finances, so even funnier. Although we started saving for IVF long before our first consult, so I suppose that softened the blow. But you are absolutely right- the boys and girls just don't think the same!

Baby On Mind said...

I like your husband.... it was like pulling teeth to get mine to agree to IVF in the first place, and yes, he is also the finance guy in our marriage!

But more importantly, find out what if anything your insurance covers. You might me surprised. We thought we would have to pay everything out of pocket because we have already used up my infertility coverage, but when we switched insurance ( I quit my job), we were surprised to have 5K covered for treatment, and 5K for meds! So you never know. Also ask for as much free samples as possible. We got 3-4 days worth of free Follistim from the nurse, some Endometrin (progesterone) suppositories and some Vivelle patches free.