Saturday, May 15, 2010


So I took OPK tests all weekend and it doesn't even say I'm ovulating so I think I figured out why we can't have a baby...I'm screwed up-yah! Then to top it off, I found out ANOTHER person is pregnant and oh, guess what? They weren't even trying. I just feel like for the next few years, we're going to keep trying every month only to be disappointed every month. DH just told me that the couple that found out they're pregnant is really happy and excited, a happy and excited that we will never know. I just feel so no one is on our side, like hubs doc is a child doctor so he doesn't care because we're adults and my doc doesn't care because I'm not pregnant...this isn't the doctors fault, it's just my own way of thinking.

When you're in this situation all I want to know is why? Why am I not pregnant? Why will I never get to have a child of my own and experience pregnancy? Why are you letting people who aren't even trying or don't even want a baby get pregnant? WHY? WHY? WHY?


Anonymous said...

According to your profile description you have been trying for 3 months, maybe 4 now. You do realize that is a completely normal time frame to not be pregnant still, right?! The definition of Infertility is after trying 1 year with no luck for those under 35 and 6 months with no luck for those over 35. I wouldn't be so quick to slap that label on yourself.

Crossing My Fingers said...


Thanks for your comment and I see your point. In my second post, I explained that due to childhood medical histories, we called to ASK the doctor if it might affect TTC. They called us in and the doctor is who got the ball rolling so early for us because our past medical histories do play a huge part.

I know the definition of infertility but it's not the same for everyone and this is OUR journey. If you would like to continue following us then you'll see how we were "slapped with the label" by the medical professionals at only 6 months and yes, we're both under 35.

I appreciate your comment and concern.