Friday, May 7, 2010

Waiting and Waiting and Waiting

We had dinner at DH's parents tonight where they gave us his birth certificate and other important documents they felt that he was now "old enough to be responsible with." FYI-I'm pretty sure my dad still has my birth certificate. They also gave us some documents they'd typed up for doctors about DH's medical history so when we got home I started reading through it. Bad I'm just frustrated! I told DH that at this point, I'm really frustrated with both of our doctors. Neither are giving us any information nor making this seem important at all. I feel like neither him or I know enough about this to know what to do so we're kind of putting all our eggs in one basket waiting for them. I feel like they don't really care because it's only been 5 months and we just need to be patient but HELLO!?! I'm TELLING YOU SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT!!! It's a gut feeling that I knew all along, I KNEW we'd have trouble conceiving and I just want ONE medical professional to give a shit and help us out! I know you're busy with more important patients, patients that ARE pregnant BUT I just want to know that there's no way in hell we can have a baby, there's a small possiblity and here are your options or everything's all good...keep up the sex but I'm getting nothing but waiting, waiting and more waiting.


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Jessica White said...

We had the same issue with no one taking us seriously. I called my doctor (planned parenthood) and told them that I thought something was wrong as we'd been trying for 8 months with perfect timing and ovulation (I was charting).

Their response was that we were young(I was 24). Obviously there was something wrong. It's so infuriating to know something is not right and have NO ONE take you seriously!

Hopefully someone takes you guys seriously soon and has some answers!

Malinda said...

can you possible see a naturopathic doctor? they are a thousand times more receptive and can give you a place to start on a more holistic approach and also guidance for which tests to ask for from your doctors.