Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby Making Time!

I figure my story of infertility will be the closest to parenthood that I'll ever have so I want to tell my story and document everything along my journey while it's fresh in my head. So here's the story from the beginning and this is your WARNING that this may not even make sense at times.

Remember this is ME and MY THOUGHTS and FEELINGS, I can't help how I feel. This post isn't meant to be a pity party, its just my story. So this is the raw story, here goes...

When DH and I originally got married, we had decided that we wanted to have a baby in the springtime but after further thought, we decided to try to have a baby at the end of the summer when things slowed down for us. So starting on our one year anniversary in October, we decided to start baby making time!

I went off the pill back in July, I was on Yasmin and started seeing all the commericals and researching online. Not a great idea...I basically thought I was going to die from the things I read online so that's why I went off the pill a good four months before we really wanted to try. I started taking prenatal vitamins in September because everyone around me was getting pregnant just by looking at their spouse so I KNEW that we'd get pregnant in October and I'd be ready to go. Well, October came and went, November came and went and no baby. Let me just tell you that if you haven't ever tried to have a baby-wow, what an emotional roller coaster!!! You think you're going to get pregnant, the smallest thing, oh that smell almost made me puke...I must be pregnant...My boobs are sore...I'm pregnant...then Aunt Flo comes and your heart is smashed....month after month after month.

So in November, I heard another woman's story and their struggles to have a baby and a couple thing she said got my wheels spinning. First off, growing up I had precocious_puberty (PP). Basically, without clicking that link it just means that I grew too fast so when I was in first grade, I was like the height and size of a fifth grader (think the movie Jack but not as extreme). I did have hormone shots given to me so I started to wonder if maybe that could have an effect on fertility. When DH was younger, he had a bunch stuff not working right which I thought might also have an effect on fertility. So the first week of December, I tried calling my nurse practioner to see if she had any idea if those things would have an effect on trying to conceive (TTC). It took us almost a week to get in touch with each other and she had no idea so she told me to make an appointment to see the main OB/GYN. So the second week of December, I called and the earliest she could get me in was January 4. I told DH to call his doctor but he said that he would call after the holidays.

So January 4, I go to the doctor, we chit chat, she was going to get my charts from when I was younger and I had some blood work done. All looked good from the blood work but she wanted to see me again February 25 and told me DH should have a semen analysis. DH on the other hand couldn't get in touch with his doctor for like THREE WEEKS!!! I was beyond pissed. I knew it would take him awhile to get in touch with his doctor but he insisted on waiting until after the holidays. So on January 29, DH finally went in for his test.

We'll pause there so your eyes don't glaze over from staring at the computer screen. I started writing out our journey back in February, so I'll be posting as I journaled until I get caught up...hope this doesn't confuse everyone.