Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just F OFF!

The day before my birthday and I've been waiting since Monday to get my test results back. I called yesterday to get them and nothing. So a nurse calls this AM to tell me she'll send me DH's test results and mine and that there's a note saying the doctor will call me about mine. I ask, "So that means she saw something on mine?" She responds that something looks high and she'll call me in 1-2 days to discuss what she wants me to do next which in doctor world means around next Wednesday. So thanks for just calling to tell me something's wrong and happy birthday to me!

Later that day...
The Internet is the devil! I've been researching and self-diagnosing all morning, so much for my day off before my birthday. I also indirectly asked my mom about my childhood PP so I called the doctor's office to tell her what I found out and that stupid bitch nurse was like, "I told you this morning when I called that she'd call you in 1-2 days." I wanted to say, "Look here bitch, calling me the day before my birthday and saying you've got something wrong with your test results that I can't tell you but the doctor will call you in 1-2 days is NOT COOL! So shut up and let me call because I've been going crazy all day now just F OFF!!!"