Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Good Mom

Found out yesterday that one of my sorority sister's, whose wedding I was in, is due ANY day with baby #2!?! How in the world did I fall out of the loop? I 100% blame her for just getting Facebook (kidding! but seriously, how would I stay in touch with anyone without FB?)! So I emailed our other friend, it was a great email conversation back and forth about TTC because her and her hubs are in a similiar situation (different reason for infertility) and she informed me that they decided to quit trying because of the costs. Seriously, my heart is breaking for her, this girl RAISED me in college and was/is always awesome taking care of EVERYONE around her. She would rock as a mom and I know how much I hurt for her so I can only imagine how hard the decision was for her and her husband to make it. It makes me think about when DH and I will have to make that choice...


Jessica White said...

It is hard...the whole decision as to when to say enough...and having someone else get pregnant just makes it that much harder.

DH and I had pretty much agreed that we would spend any amount of money, mortgage our house etc, to have a child whether through pregnancy or adoption. But that is such a hard decision to make.