Friday, May 14, 2010

Are you encouraged?

Just got home from my visit with the doctor. She explained all my tests and it was all positive and she seems to think things will work. Basically, we'll try for 9 months before she goes in to check my tubes and all that inside stuff. I have to go back on March 8 or 9 to have blood work to make sure I'm ovulating and other than that, that was it. She did look at me halfway through and asked, "Are you encouraged?" I stared at her blankly and answered honestly, "No, not really." She admitted she could tell from my face that I wasn't. I can't help it...that's just me. Apparently everything is fine then WHY AM I NOT PREGNANT!?! I'm sitting here waiting to go get DH and holding back tears. Here goes another month of trying...


Wishing 4 One said...

Looking forward to hearing more about that month.

Baby On Mind said...

It sucks to be in this "club". Hang in there!