Thursday, September 2, 2010

Walnuts vs Tennis Balls

One thing I forgot that we also learned during orientation is that the normal woman's ovaries are the size of walnuts. After all the meds, injections and fun times I'll go through, my ovaries will be the size of TENNIS BALLS!?! Hello cramps and bloating!!!


kayee said...

Excellent analogy. My DH was asking about the bloating ... now I can tell him that I will have sports equipment in my pelvic region.

Kim said...

I was always very curious about that, because when i took clomind- I could barely walk afterwards - standing still i could feel my ovaries and I wondered how big they could possibly be. I am assuming that clomid doesn't stimulate them as much as injections, but holy ovaries batman!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, tennis balls?!?! I didn't realize they got THAT big. But I believe it.