Friday, September 17, 2010

Scheduled...Now Wait...

Well, Christina called me today and we got the IVF scheduled!!! While it's really exciting, it's also kind of scary too. Every month that we get closer, I hold on to this little hope that I might be pregnant and that all of this was just a test and we won't really have to go through all of this...only two more periods of "hope" then this IVF thing is real!

So here's the schedule of my IVF, roughly, all dates are tentative based on when Ms. Flo comes...

*Call Day 1 of my October period
*Start BC on Day 4 (October 21ish)
*Start lupron (November 7ish)
*Office visit (November 17ish)
*Begin stimulation (November 19ish)
*Trigger is usually 10 days after you start stimulation, so possibly ER (November 29ish)

So based off my calculations, I'm about a week off what I thought. I figured we'd do the ER during the week of Thanksgiving and I'd switched a bunch of evening shifts for the first week couple weeks of November but it doesn't look like I'll need to. Oh well about the evening shifts, they'll be done and out of the way. If the ER is the week after Thanksgiving, that does stress me a bit because I have a big event that weekend at work but I'm pretty sure I can get someone to work it for me...just have to get rid of the rest of my weekend shift.

I'd already prepared myself and our families that we probably wouldn't be at Thanksgiving but now it looks like we might. Funny, I was kind of excited about spending the holiday with just me, DH and our puppies lounging around not doing anything. Guess now we'll face all the family with me on some crazy hormones. After DH sees me with the messed up hormones, he might rethink the whole taking-my-crazy-wife-to-my-family-on-Thanksgiving and let me/us stay home and do our own thing.

The pharmacy they go through is on the East Coast. They'll be calling me sometime next week and they have a special going on where I get some free needles/injections-woohoo!!! This pharmacy offers free shipping, even overnight shipping...that's nice of them considering I'm about to give them a boatload of money (see an upcoming post about all the extra expenses!).

Christina called in my BC prescription for me so I have to go pick that up. First time in over a year that I've had to pick up some BC and I'm pretty sure I still have a pack left over from when I was still on it (July 2009) that has just been sitting under my bathroom sink. So for now, we wait...I'm getting really good at that!


COME ON BABY said...

Awesome!! I am super happy things are moving right along for you guys. Exciting!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the well wishes regarding the good old poison ivy :) This sh*t sucks!!

Anonymous said...

That's exciting you have a schedule now!!! I'm really excited for you and will be here whenever you want to chat! ((hugs))

~Jess said...

Hopefully the time flies by!