Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Motility Help!

Okay so last week DH went to bank sperm for our IVF. When he did his semen analysis back in February, he had 50% motility and 29% progressive motilty which based off the lab, both of those were borderline okay (50% and up was normal and 25% and up was normal). His sperm count was 980,000...depressing, huh? He had gotten in a hot tub the end of December so I was really hoping that the count would increase when he banked last week.

The lady called him today to tell him that the count was the same (BOO!!!) and the motility was okay. Then they thaw some of it out to test again and there was NO MOTILITY!!! So he has to go in again next week and bank again. When he went last week, he only had a two day break of...banking sperm in me so this time he wants to take a 5 day break to see if that helps.

When he first told me all this, I started freaking out like OMG! It doesn't matter if we do IVF, your sperm is bad in general...they're just trying to take us for our money, yada yada yada. I questioned whether we should spend the money and putting my body through all this since the motility was bad...then I calmed down some and did some research and looked through our paperwork.

HELLO!?! DUH! We're doing ICSI (where they put the sperm directly in the egg so no swimming is necessary) so I'm going to call Dr. Val's office and find out exactly what all this means. We are planning on DH going with me on ER day so he should be able to give a fresh sample that day so we shouldn't have to worry about thawing out any sperm. just totally stresses me.

After huffing and puffing and arguing over why we kept a bag full of chip crumbs, we talked and decided that we've made it this so there's no turning second thoughts, we're going for it! DH also read that a positive attitude and your stress level affects it so here's to thinking happy thoughts and keeping stress away...although I did just switch for all the M/W/F evening shifts in November so I don't have to take sick time from work when I go for testing in the AM so I'm sure ALL those evenings will be stress-free!