Friday, September 3, 2010

It's OUR Choice...Not YOURS!

So we finally told DH's parents on Monday night and it went really well. They asked a few questions and we tried to explain as best we could and we all went on our merry way. Then DH went to his parents tonight and said his mom made a couple comments...

Comment #1-She thought we should tell his brother and sister. DH and I have discussed this and decided NOT to tell them because we're all 2 years apart and hang out with the same friends. We didn't want them telling our friends. Plus I don't think his brother, whose the youngest, wouldn't really get it and I have a feeling he might make a statement like, "That's stupid to spend that much money on that" in which case I would probably flip out and I think his sis would act like a know-it-all as she normally does in which case I would again probably flip out and ask when was the last time she had multiple shots in one night, had ovaries the size of tennis balls and paid $15 grand to try to get pregnant without having sex?

Comment #2-She feels like she's caught between a rock and a hard spot. When asked what they needed to do, we asked them to pray. She feels like she should put us on the prayer list at church but we also asked her not to tell anyone.

My response's OUR life, it's OUR IVF and it's OUR choice who to tell and who not to tell. We only told you so you would know what's going on not for YOU to tell US who we should tell. Seriously...let's go back to that I need a drink post...


Anonymous said...

Ahh...sounds like she should keep these suggestions to herself. I agree with #1, based on what you said I wouldn't tell them either. #2 I could see doing if it was anonymous but idk what kind of prayer list it is. I wouldn't want a bunch of church people knowing my business either. We did tell our pastor but that's it. No one else. And I had a bunch of angry posts about F's mom and aunt when they found out about things (they went to same church). Basically stopped talking to them and stopped going to church for months. Anyways...didn't meant to get into all that, lol ;).