Thursday, September 16, 2010

Prank Call from Dr. Val

After I left work today, I saw that Dr. Val's office had called but didn't leave a message. I called DH and asked if they called him, he said no. I called back and faster than when I normally have a question, Mary called me back! We talked for awhile then hung up then she called me back again within 10 minutes-wow! Today was like perfect timing with the phone.

Here's the jist of our convo...

*Christina will be calling me in the next couple days to set up our IVF and ordering my meds. This is getting really real!

*DH goes in next week to bank sperm again. If they freeze it and thaw it and its still all dead then we just cross our fingers and hope for the best on ER day...

*Mary assured me that freezing/thawing sperm is very rough on the sperm so on ER day when we have live sperm and live eggs, we still have a good chance.

Now on a side note, at my work we have where you can withhold so much money for medical and then you turn in receipts and get reimbursed. Well, last November, we really uped my withholdings because we thought we be pregnant in just a couple months and have all those fun medical bills to pay. Well, that didn't happen now did it? So I turned in my receipt for down payment #1 on our IVF. It is medical jargon and has the hospital/office listed on it. The lady in the finance department received it today and emailed me asking, "Is this for a surgery? If not, let me know what it is so I can check if it qualifies." do I answer this without telling her exactly what I'm doing!?!