Monday, September 20, 2010

Nickeling and Diming Me To Death!!!

Okay seriously...I know that IF is expense, the IVF is going to cost us close to $15 grand but wow-they really nickel and dime you to DEATH! It's insane!!! I mean you would think when you're paying that large of a sum that it would include EVERYTHING but sure doesn't.

Let me break it down for you. This doesn't include anything like prenatals, the two visits with my girl doctor that I broke up with, two previous blood work ups, DH's first semen analysis or basically anything prior to April not to mention the time we've both taken off from work but I guess we don't really factor that into the picture. Keep in mind that after our first visit with Dr. Val, we took a break until now when we're getting ready to get down to business!

So the break down:

Dr. Val April Visit $40
DH's Blood Work $7.50
My Blood Work $17.48
My MRI (hospital cost) $318.60
My MRI (imaging center cost) $11.46
Banking Sperm #1 $120
Banking Sperm #2 $120
BC $10

Look at all of them individually and it doesn't seem like that much but add it all up and that's a little over $600 which let's just round that up to $1,000! Seriously, throw me a freakin' bone...I guess I shouldn't complain, our orientation was free, well, free as in $15 grand free. I'm sure they're be plenty of nickeling and diming before this is all over...