Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nosedive...AND BOMB!

So I got ahold of Dr. Val's office today...ugh-more stress! I told Mary that yeah, the message she gave DH didn't really get conveyed to me so I asked if she could explain it to me. Well, here goes...back in February when DH did his semen analysis, his count was 980,000....last week his count was 9,000. Yeah...sucky, huh? We've lost 971,000 spermies since then. I don't understand how!!! He hasn't been drinking alcohol or caffeine...not hot tubs, no tightie whities, he doesn't smoke so how in the hell did we lose that many!?!

Mary went on to explain to me that when they thawed out the banked stuff that there was no motility meaning...the sperm was dead. Even if we are doing ICSI, there still needs to be some movement. We both agreed that our ultimate goal is that DH can give the sperm we need on the day of the ER and we won't have to thaw anything.

Then I was straight up honest (as I usually am and I don't think they're used to this) and asked, "So with a count like that, is it even worth it for us to do this?" She told me that she only needed one live sperm for one live come on DH, give me ONE...just one live spermie!

We read up in my books and online what he could take to give his spermies a better chance like Vitamin B and some other stuff so after I got off the phone with Mary, I called him and told him to stop at the store on the way home and start taking all that stuff religiously! We'd better hurry up and start this IVF before all the spermies are gone!!!


kayee said...

Without sounding sickly positive - it does only take one good sperm! Tell DH to get on those vitamins. It's the least he can do since you will be jabbing sharp objects into your being.

Jessica White said...

Eek! Hopefully you can get the count back up quick! As they say though it only takes one.

Kevin and Katie said...

I also read somewhere that body tempurature can vastly change the sperm count. It's hot outside right now and your hubby works outside, right? When he got tested before I think it was in the winter which could mean his body temp was kept a little lower.

Conceptionally Challenged said...

Ugh, that sounds tough. Sorry about those bad news! I've also heard that sperm count/quality is better in winter (on the northern hemisphere anyway), so I hope it will improve again!