Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Wish: Money to Grow on Trees

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for their concern about my post the other day. Dr. Val was calling to give me more options. It just kind of sucks when it took us this long to decide to do this and we had our mind set for doing this and then BAM! Major curveball! Oh well, we reevaluated and are moving forward. IVF still on! So thanks for the sweet comments, emails and even phone calls, its great to know that I have some pretty awesome friends out there that care so much! Now on to the blog post at hand...

I thought we were catching a break, I thought things were looking up for us. I won a pie at a race a couple weekends ago and I won a free pair of running shoes this past Monday which I was totally stoked about! I thought our luck was turning around, I figured this must be a sign of good things to come, right? I was wrong.

DH needed a new radiator so we spent $1600 on Wednesday for a new one for his truck that we just purchased in March (new to us but previously used). Ugh...then Thursday night around 8pm, he calls to tell me it's broken and has to be towed. $100+ later in towing fees and a late night pick up of DH and no car for him on Friday, a Friday in which we work opposite shifts. Side note: Funny thing, I was supposed to work LAST Friday but I switched bc my sis was going to give us tickets to a baseball game then she lost them. Of course, we ended up not doing anything and now I'm working tomorrow which this whole truck thing throws a wrench in the plan and there's two events going on at work so I totally got a raw deal but it's my own fault.

This all took place after I spent the afternoon on the phone with the pharmacy ordering, confirming (like I really knew what I was confirming), setting up delivery and paying for round 1 of meds...another $1600 later. Good times, good times!

I wish money grew on trees! Now I must sit here and wait for DH to call...from someone else's phone because his won't turn on.


Conceptionally Challenged said...

ugh, I'm sorry about all the bad luck. Hope it turns around again soon!