Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Starting to Freak Out

So today I called to get the results of our blood work that we both had done last week. Let me first off say that I love Dr. Val's office because when I call, I know someone will follow up with me in about an hour. What I hate-why am I calling to get test results? Shouldn't you be calling me? But I don't dwell on it because I'm getting my info...I'm just having to ask for it-fair enough. I just hate when they call because I give them my cell because I don't want to talk to them at my desk so the whole office can hear so I have to grab my cell and dart outside!

So they are still waiting on my prolactin results and to see if I have antibodies against chicken pox (never had it, had vaccine in 8th grade) and a couple of the tests from DH's tests. She tells me after that is done we'll start the practice embryo transfer some other tests and then I need to be financially "cleared" before we schedule a date. She transfers me to the finance lady who I leave a message for.

Okay, let me pause...we scheduled our orientation for August 26. So I'm sure they'll go over all this stuff at the orientation and everything she mentioned sounded vaguely familiar from the first meeting with Dr. Val. As soon as I hang up the phone leaving the message for the finance lady, I start to freak out! I mean we're going for it, there's no turning back now, it's forward march which is exciting and scary at the same time.

Within 20 minutes, the finance lady calls me back to tell me once I've been medically "cleared" then they need a deposit of $5,108 and then on the day of the transfer the remaining balance is due not to mention we have to pay for the meds sometime in there. Okay, now I'm even more confused...wait for the rest of our blood work, schedule a practice transfer, be medically cleared, then financially cleared then schedule the I hung up the phone all I could think was being an adult sucks.

This is the first major "medical" issue I've had to face on my own (AKA with hubs and my parents not involved). I hate not knowing what's going on and when they call and I'm talking quietly outside the office, I can't ask the questions I want and I don't want to be like, "What the hell are you talking about?" So I sat down tonight and emailed Dr. Val, I don't have high hopes that she'll email back, but basically I told her your office is telling me to do 500 things and our orientation isn't until the end of August so can you or someone in your office please just email me back and let me know what to do from here? I do like the fact of making two payments to space them out.

So after the minor freak out, which I was quickly distracted and forgot about once I walked back into the office, I called DH during lunch. Originally, he said let's wait to do all this stuff (the MRI, blood work, etc...) until after the orientation but I had told him I thought we needed to get the ball rolling if we wanted to try this fall so they had time, he FINALLY stated on the phone at lunch, "Wow babe, good thing you decided to get us started early!" Yeah, sometimes I do know what I'm talking out...even if I'm freaking out.